Why Choose Us


We have been operating in Italy for 40 years, one of the long-lasting, proven company’s built on providing superb customer service, creating loyalty, and demonstrating constant professionalism and reliability. But, beyond all these important characteristics, we hope to share our love for our city and our uniquely beautiful country.


We know that moving easily and punctually to all of your planned stops makes your trip relaxing and care-free. That is why we want you to count on us. Of course, we are friendly, professional, and courteous, but most important is our policy of reliability. We are one of the most trusted transportation companies in Italy. If not, we would never have lasted 40 years!


Over these years, we have added Wedding Services, School Trips, Sports Event, and a number of new services based on customer requests. And…we are always planning for the future. Soon, we hope to partner with leaders in food tourism to offer wine and “foodie” tours to places that “insiders” know about. So, please let us know if you have something to suggest to us, or if you have something unique in mind for your friends or family…we are ready to listen!

Who We Are?

Italbus Srl opened its doors 1971 in Rome and since then, has continued to improve its services and build its client base. Despite continual renewal of our buses, with a focus on safety and comfort, the company’s successful growth was possible due to its customer support focus. We have maintained a high level of loyalty among our satisfied clients. They have stayed with us all of these years and have sent many new accounts to us. For more than 40 years, Italbus Srl has offered a wide range of transportation services for Rome, and for all the cities throughout Italy, thanks to solid partnerships with many established tour operators.

Together with our expert drivers, we have experienced, professional, multi-lingual staff. Most importantly, our office provides customer support 7 days a week (including holidays) and ensures the maximum full-time availability.

With thousands of kilometers of successful trips Italbus Srl has become the brand in Italy associated with reliability and professionalism, on local and national levels.

Italbus Noleggio Pullman a Roma dal 1971

Here we are